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ABOUT US Inc is a boutique company founded by a couple of veteran managing leaders from leading companies. We are specializing in providing a robust, efficient and orchestrated network infrastructure platform for early-stage online business-building to established-stage online business-operation customers, allowing customers to achieving operational business success on the Internet.


SERVICES Inc provides a broad range of 24x7 services that deliver performance to your online business needs. Our services include Managed Cloud Services, Co-location Hosting Services, IP Transit & Optimization Services, Multiple Content Network Delivery (Multi-CDN) and Security Services. We also provide various other value-added services. 


We are here as a TRUSTED, INNOVATIVE and DEDICATED partner to build an optimum infrastructure platform for your online business. – We are dedicated in provisioning a multi-peer high performance secured network infrastructure that can facilitate and strengthen the competitiveness to our online business customers.


Optimize business to the boundless possibilities of the Internet – With the widespread adoption of cloud applications/infrastructure, early-stage online businesses are attracted into the cloud while established-stage online businesses are seeking into various possibilities of integrating their corporate networks into the cloud. With Inc, we aim to be a pivotal role in solutioning and managing the online businesses into defining, integrating and maximizing the usage of public/cloud networks and corporate networks.


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